Great individuals are guided by INTUITION ,

Great institutions are geared by INNER VISION

- GnanMarg

Omni-dimensional Assessment

Integrated Performance evaluation

A Comprehensive performance evaluation develops high-performing and stronger teams with feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement.

These systems are designed to provide a complete evaluation from multiple appraisers. This assessment addresses core competencies and provides opportunities for managers, peers and direct reports to obtain important developmental feedback and protect appraiser’s anonymity with built-in confidentiality features that they may not otherwise share.

What is a Comprehensive performance review tool ?

This multi-source comprehensive performance review tool allows you to get a more comprehensive view of yourself through feedback from your colleagues, people you report to, your boss and other stakeholders — even customers and suppliers. Our Complete Spectrum Evaluation systems are typically used to evaluate not only performance, but also behaviours, leadership, communication, participation, teamwork and how effectively the team is focused on future targeted goals etc.

What can a Omni-dimensional Assessment tool do for you?

Our Omni-dimensional assessment offer opportunities for you as an executive to discover without confrontation the views of people you regularly deal with. You can learn more about your relationships and how you can improve them to drive personal and organizational performance.

Why is it Important?

The Omni-dimensional Assessment process is a comprehensive, modern approach to the standard, one-on-one performance review.

A Multi-dimensional Performance Appraisal is designed to provide more thorough insights into each individual’s or departments strengths and weaknesses, and which specific aspects of their work would be best served with added professional development.

Fast feedback, with no chasing:

Give managers instant feedback about their direct reports, get real-time progress updates to see which appraisers have completed their reviews, and access customized task lists.

Actionable development reviews

Managers receive real-time reports identifying strengths and areas for improvement, with built-in action planning, they have the tools needed to turn data into insights and develop their skills.

Connected insights across the lifecycle

Ever wondered how staff development affects your key metrics like productivity, engagement and attrition? You’ll have all your feedback and data from across the organisation on a single platform. So, you can join the dots and see how your organisation development initiatives are impacting the business and helping to keep staff engaged, productive and in-seat for longer.

Easier, faster, more affordable

Our expert-designed Omni-dimensional tool is with pre-built assessments and programs straight out of the box. Want to update or define new question pattern? No problem – our flexible team is always at your service.