Great individuals are guided by INTUITION ,

Great institutions are geared by INNER VISION

- GnanMarg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who can benefit by using the GnanMarg OHM app?

Every institution either small or large, Our Inner vision tools will help decision makers on understanding about in and out on the overall healthiness (@master health check-up) of any Institution,. The results will certainly help to enhance the Growth and Performance of any organization.

2. How to use the OHM app.

This app can be deployed either wholly or partly or even for any specific segment of organization. All forward thinkers consider inner vision as a more valuable guidance, before taking any business decisions.

3. Is the OHM app customizable.

Yes, we are affable to address your more specific customization requirements.

4. Why are question banks not preloaded?

We provide customized, inner vision tools that keep on evolving to meet ever changing dynamics of any enterprise.

5.Does OHM app undergo continuous research and development?

Yes, highly interactive and dynamically enhancing value from global customer's feedback.

6. What about the status of the data that is collected?

Pl.ref. privacy policy.. You are the absolute owner of your data and it's left to yourself to share or not.

7. How accurate the results are?

We have employed our best efforts in understanding, analysis for providing solutions for the benefit of your Organisation.

8. Any limitation or minimum subscription amount for own branding.

Absolutely not. Whether you require only 100 insights or 100 thousand insights, we are determined to enhance your values, consistently. Your contributors find it to be your own tool. We adopt simple and straightforward strategies.

9.What are the hardware requirements for using the OHM app.

Currently it's a web based application. Android and iOS app will be released shortly. Please refer our demo on how to use this application or tools

10. Is it a survey company?

Definitely not. We dynamically empower customers with advanced tools by collaborating globally to understand the ever changing nature of business climate. Our advisory board globally designs applications for real world operations.