Great individuals are guided by INTUITION ,

Great institutions are geared by INNER VISION

- GnanMarg

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OHM - An innovative tool to identify your INNER VISION for a greater prosperity

The Fact of Day.

Institutions, irrespective of their size, need to be scanned, inside out, with different dimensions to ascertain their Organizational Health Matrix (OHM). This inner vision navigates to mitigate risk and funnel new opportunities.

Our Process :

Virtually collaborating and integrating reflective wisdom of our mentors, enables a resourceful ecosystem to consistently innovate against performance metrics for an authentic global impact.

It is vital to interpret imaginative perspectives, and implement them to overcome burgeoning global challenges.


Areas of Focus

  • Policy.
  • Process.
  • People.

Organization Health Matrix. OHM

Data is the most powerful source, from which all business decisions are made. The sheer amount of data generated can be overwhelming. Monitoring data and measuring the key metrics, which drive any business are imperative for better understanding of the overall health of an organization.

Identifying business opportunities and potential risks requires information on a real-time basis. The process of elevating all departments to transform into a value-based organization can be achieved only through the intelligent application of detailed analysis and data-derived insights to scientifically improve the 360*performance metrics of any institution on the major functionalities.

AGILE: An institution's agility on multiple parameters.

ALIGN: Omni-Dimensional Performance Evaluation

ALTITUDE: Navigational effectiveness towards data driven decision

Organization Re Design

    Although institutions collect a great deal of data, most of them don't do an excellent job of investing it for insights to answer the queries to reach a data driven decision.

    How do we stand out from the crowd?
    Differentiate at the Strategy Level: Our Unique Strengths - INNER VISION Technique tool & Expert Team, along with our unique business model, differentiate us from other organizations.

    In statistical terms, our expert teams around the world nest responses at various group levels and run random or fixed-effect model. What this means is we investigate the variability of individual-level responses to predict group-level outcomes with the advice of our expert team.

However, this goes far beyond the capabilities of an Excel sheet or any other tool in the market. To decide what kind of data analysis techniques to use, and more importantly, to conduct the analysis, we have the skilled data analysts & insight experts capable of using advanced data processing knowledge.

We Make Your Core Values Reflect Something New. “And stand out from the crowd."

“Yes, we are INNER VISION experts and not just a "data collecting & reporting company."

“If asked, We pool respective field experts to REDESIGN on case to case"